imgIntroducing BIOSAL products, made with natural rock saltimg

Mask Pack
  • The main ingredients are Andes Uyuni Crystal King's Rock Salt and 24K real gold (99.9%), which are two minerals with anti-wrinkle effects. They promote cell function and help improve wrinkles, reduce pores, improve skin elasticity, and regenerate aging sk
  • UsageRock Salt-containing functional cosmetics
  • HS Code3304 99 10
  • Product specifications22g x 6 packs
  • Certifications
    for this product
    Acquired CFDA, CPNP, E-CAS (UAE-Dubai overseas certification, No. 22-09-50420/E22-09-050493/NB0014), ISO 9001 certification, and registered Products Patent (No. 10-2085891) and Trademark.